About Us

The Etronix Store was founded in 2018 by Michael Wheeler, Jack Taylor, Barry Beech and Chris Hurd. After a general discussion about how expensive vape devices and e-liquids are to buy in most high street vape stores. 

We all felt that paying between £15 on average for a 50ml bottle and a minimum of £30+ for a basic vape device was quite expensive, and that there was surely a way to provide a cheaper alternative to regular vapers and vape customers. 

We thought of a business model that involves selling premium vape products such as devices and e-liquids at just a small profit above wholesale prices. (This means the customer pays up to 60% less than buying the same products at a high street vape store). We provide these discounted prices without customers having to buy and order in bulk, and there is no minimum order required.

This is the basic business idea of the Etronix Store and we very much look forward to you joining us on our new start up business venture and hopefully becoming a regular customer with us and joining us. 

Thank you for choosing to save money and shop with us at the Etronix Store 

Michael, Jack, Barry, Chris (Etronix Team)